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Downtown Revitalization Plan Update

We’ve embarked on a major initiative to breathe new life into the heart of Corona – yup, our one and only Downtown!

Picture this: a perfect fusion of modern flair and historical charm, all set to redefine the center of our City. We’re not just changing the scenery; we’re giving Downtown Corona a whole new vibe. Each element of this revitalization project is a brushstroke in the canvas of the city’s vibrant future.

Recognizing that positive transformations take time, we invite you to stay informed as we make progress. Check out just a few of the initiative underway and stay connected.


Learn more!

Staff presented Marquee Projects at the Study Session in March. Check out the presentation and recording below. Or, scroll below for the inside scoop on each of the projects.

Downtown Revitalization Plan Update – Presentation

Downtown Revitalization Plan Update – Recording


Marquee Projects

PROJECT #1 STREETSCAPE ENHANCEMENTS – Add new medians with trees and landscaping along the entire 6th street corridor, create a more visually appealing and welcoming corridor through the Downtown.

PROJECT #2 HISTORIC CIVIC CENTER PLAZA  – Renovate the remaining portions of the building that were not improved with the 2015 renovations. Add a new HVAC system for the building, repair and renew aging windows and doors, and upgrade building components to extend the life of the building and preserve its use as a Visual, Performing, and Culinary Arts Center for the community.

PROJECT #3 NORTH MALL REDEVELOPMENT – Continue acquiring properties and redevelop the North Mall into a thriving, vibrant, mixed-use development with retail, residential, and commercial components.

PROJECT #4 CITY PARK REVITALIZATION – Revitalize City Park based on the adopted City Park Revitalization Masterplan to create a family- friendly, community gathering place that becomes the focal point for recreation, concerts, festivals, and celebrations.

PROJECT #5 GATEWAY SIGNAGE –  Update or replace the 6th street gateway signage on both the east and west side, to create a more visually appealing, welcoming, and recognizable gateway to the City.

PROJECT #6 ICONIC DOWNTOWN SIGNS – Install iconic signs that announce your arrival in the downtown. Two signs will be installed on 6th and Grand and one sign will be installed at 6th and Main between the North and South Mall properties, in the heart of the Downtown, near the Center of the Circle.

PROJECT #7 SOUTH MALL REDEVELOPMENT – Continue acquiring and redeveloping properties in the South Mall to complement other redevelopment projects to create a vibrant restaurant and entertainment block to support
a larger destination experience for residents and visitors.

PROJECT #8 SIXTH & MAIN ST. BEAUTIFICATION – Enhancements at 6th and Main will include a redesign of the streetscape between the North and South Mall, creating an iconic feature at the center of the Circle, and other streetscape enhancements to create a sense of place and arrival.

PROJECT #9 6TH STREET TRANSFORMATION –  6th street from Grand and Grand will be transformed into a more walkable downtown, reduce 6th St. to single lanes of traffic in each direction, widen sidewalks, add parking, new medians and trees, signage, and other streetscape enhancements to create the sense of being in a downtown.



Stay informed as we make progress on our Downtown Revitalization.
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